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Casino-ship for sale
largest River boat casino

PRICE 6 MILJON USD (6.000.000 USD)

It’s approximately 75,000 square feet (nearly 7,000m2) and accommodates 4,400 passengers and crew.

Length: 124.5m
Width: 30.5m
Draft: 2.1m
Air draft: 20.1m
Interior space: 8,361m2
Casino space: 6,317m2


This is a four (4) passenger deck self-propelled casino vessel of all welded steel construction.
The vessel has a flat bottom, with some shape and blunt entry forward, with long sloping rake aft.
The sides are flat and parallel, with flat transom log.
The plumb bow and curving forepeak structure meet the box hull at frame 26. ·
The main deck is flat and continuous.
Above the main deck are found three (3) fully enclosed passenger spaces, each being a partial walk around. These are identified as:-
the main deck,
second deck, and
the third deck.
The sides and bottom are W’ steel plate.
Approximately two-thirds of the way aft, both sides, the structure comes fully to the side shell, where painted logos emulate a paddlewheel enclosure.
There are no external windows, and there are railings, full perimeter.
The fourth deck is a fully open deck, bow to stem, surrounded by perimeter railings.
The pilothouse is set forward on the centerline, with long elevated bridge wings, port and starboard sides. Short false stacks are fitted ahead midships, with a signal mast between, set on a tabernacle.
The hull below the main deck is divided into thirteen (13) individual watertight compartments by twelve (12) transverse bulkheads.

These comprise the following:

1. Forepeak ballast
2. Port and starboard forward ballast tanks
3. Bow thruster void
4. Void space
5. Ship’s offices
6. Crew lounge
7. Casino count rooms/offices/security/galley
8. Void
9. Chiller void
10. Generator engine room
11. Propulsion engine room
12. Aft ballast void
13. Lazarette

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